Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Small (silly) doubt regarding Abstract Classes in Java...!

Hi pa..!

I got a small ( & may be Stupid too, perhaps ! Pls. excuse me !) doubt today while looking at Abstract classes & Interfaces...
My doubt was(& STILL is..!)....

Why can't an Abstract class "extend" an Interface (which is like..umm...a purely Abstract class by the way...!! :-) )

Esp., why can't i have code like the following ??
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
interface SomeVerb_able {
// For example, *SomeVerb* may be say *Draw* ??...
void someAction( );
} /* end interface */
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
// For example, *SomeVerb* may be say *Draw* ??...
// And *myAbstractClass* may well be..umm..*Shape*...??
abstract class myAbstractClass extends SomeVerb_able {
// Extra method specs...on top of those ALREADY in the Interface...
} /* end class */
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NOW, i Do know that allowing that will cause some problems...but i jus' needed your valuable thoughts/ideas on this...

Thanks a lot in advance...!

Love & Best Wishes,
"r a g h u"

"We may bestow advice, but we cannot inspire the conduct. "
:- la Rochefoucauld
Ha ha ! My silly/stupid "doubt" has almosssst stirred a Storm in a Java-Cup..[er-no Tea-cup!! :) ] when i jusssst
Couldn't resist my-self from posting it on the Sun Java Forum today..!!
Well, well, well !
i'm one CRAZY Calvin, as you may well (not !) know !! ;-)
i simply DON"T care what people think/say when i got one of my trademark "DOUBTS"...which makes me feel so tooo DUMB & Restless that i MUSSSST ask them..atleast to My Self !! :)
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